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Padmala at Cambridge Open Studios

Greetings friends! I will be opening my home and selling my jewelry on Saturday 9/29 and Sunday 9/30 for Cambridge Open Studios. Come by and say hello! My husband, a woodworker and carpenter, and my daughter, a fantastically talented artist, will also be showing. Right now this .com is empty and neglected so please come by my Etsy shop to see what I'm currently up to.   I'm also making lots of new pieces for the Open Studios that I won't put on Etsy until after this coming weekend. Here's a sampling.  See you soon, Katy

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First post (aka, procrastination's end)

I have been putting off creating since forever and a day. Or at least since March when I tried a free Shopify trial, just to let it expire and collect dust. There was something about creating a dot com that felt substantial - like I was making a public declaration of my own confidence in my work rather than a casual Etsy shop.  You know what? I am so happy it's finally about to live. I love to create my jewelry - and I love the feedback I've been getting over the years from my happy customers, so here goes nothing!  Welcome to! Jasper the cat is happy you're here (and so am I!)

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